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You’ve Booked a Removalist – Now What?

Once you’ve booked in your removalist, it’s time to start planning your big move! In this post we cover 5 Tips to help you prepare for your upcoming move.

Don’t worry – if you’ve booked with national Moving, we’re here to help every step of the way.

To help you get ready, here are a few of our top tips:

1. Organise your packing supplies

Have you sourced some packing boxes and wrapping supplies for your move? If not, it’s a good idea to do this well in advance of your move to reduce your stress levels when it comes time to pack.

The team at National Moving can organise packing supplies, or even some professional packers to come and do the job for you.

2. Document the items you need moved

If you have booked your move, you’ve likely already suppled a list of the items you need to have relocated. If not, now’s the time to do this. You need to supply a full list of furniture, boxes and anything else that needs to be moved before moving day, so we can ensure you have an accurate quote and that the supplied truck can fit everything to be moved.

Keeping a good record will also help you track your items at the other end of the move, and provides a record of where everything has been packed.

3. Make a plan for your new home.

Instead of packing for your old home, if you have a plan for your new home, you can pack everything so that it can be delivered to the right place on arrival. This might take a little extra planning and time up-front, but you’ll be thankful you did at the end of a long move.

4. Label your moving boxes

Remember to label your moving boxes with your name, an overview of the contents and the room they are to be delivered to in your new home. If the box contains anything breakable you should also clearly label it ‘FRAGILE’ so it can be handled accordingly.

5. Pack your essentials separately 

There are certain things, such as a spare set of clothes, your toothbrush and medication, that you’ll want right up to the time you move, and possibly during the move.

Pack these items last and keep them in an easily accessible place so that you’re not unpacking boxes during the move to try and find your essential items.

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